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Transform iPhone into a Pro DSLR Camera
$1199 $1999
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Features: Up to 400,000 ISO 14 Stops of Dynamic Range Full HD 1080p 4/3 CMOS Sensor Auto-Correction With Intelligent Algorithm M4/3 Mount for Interchangeable Lenses iPhone Exclusive Read More >


Eyemores1: Transform iPhone into a Pro DSLR Camera

Meet the eyemore, the professional camera that turns into an entire film set with just your iPhone. Capture high quality detailed video in extreme low light with an intelligent AI that helps you make easy work of hard shoots. Up to 400,000 ISO, 14 stops of dynamic range, 4/3" CMOS Sensor, 1080p, iOS exclusive, M4/3 mount.

Built to put an entire film set in your control and through an interface you are familiar with - your iPhone - eyemore simplifies the entire filming process without giving up on function.

It allows anyone to create high-quality videos without prior experience thanks to its built-in intelligent algorithm which optimizes and helps brings your shots to a professional level with little effort. So grab your iPhone and turn it into a professional DLSR by connecting it to the eyemore S1.

Using an advanced  4/3 inch CMOS sensor combined with an intelligent algorithm (known as eyeNoise and eyeMix), eyemore delivers an ISO sensitivity ranging up to 400,000. This means it will always produce full-color, noise-free and high-resolution images under any light you find yourself in, whether it’s daylight, moonlight or streetlight.

Thanks to the intelligent algorithm behind eyemore, it brings you up to 14 stops of dynamic range to give you one of the widest ranges between whites and blacks available in any camera. Meaning it’ll capture detail no matter how bright or dark it maybe outside.

Built to use a 4/3 inch CMOS sensor and backed by the aforementioned algorithm (eyeNosie + eyeMix) eyemore S1 is able to provide you with high quality cinematic video. By using a larger sensor it is able to capture more light and a greater surface area to create a higher quality image - one that matches and even outdoes the standard you'll find in other DLSR cameras. As the eyemore captures more light per pixel, (due to larger pixel surface area) it creates less visible image noise and a higher quality video.

See eyemore S1’s Showcase For Yourself

Below are some photos and videos of what the eyemore S1 and it’s internal algorithm are capable of shooting. From difficult and low light shooting to algorithm sensor testing to comparisons against competitors cameras. See just what the eyemore S1 difference is.

Start filming by just connecting your iPhone to the eyemore app. In moments you’ll be able to capture in crystal clear resolution that automatically focuses, color grades, adjust for motions, auto-focuses, and anything else you can think of, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

After connecting you'll turn your iOS device into a digital monitor and control panel while the eyemore S1 will act as a professional DSLR. The eyemore supports connection to iPhone 6s and all newer models of iPhone and iPad 2 pro only.

Connect eyemore with any of the following devices:

Built with a M4/3 mount eyemore supports Olympus or Panasonic lenses right out of the box. You can also extend your options with an adapter ring include Canon, Nikon, Leica, or Pentax lenses allowing you expand your creativity and get the perfect shot whether it’s a close-up, long focus, or a dolly shot.

The eyemore is made for iPhone and is an exclusive camera just for iOS.

Using your iPhone as the monitor eyemore provides you with a familiar interface to record, edit and share your videos. It also saves your videos directly to your iPhone so there’s no need to bring SD cards or transfer files to your computer. This means you can share your videos directly as they’re filmed to Youtube, Instagram or any other platform you want.

With the universal ¼” diameter screw socket you can attach any tripod, monopod, or camera accessory to your eyemore to make it more versatile.

The built-in intelligent algorithm eyemore uses provides immediate smart correct functions, 1920x1080P/30fps resolution, automatic color grading, up to 14 stops of dynamic range and an ISO of up to 400,000. The algorithm it uses is known as known as eyeNoise and eyeMix, and its functions make it the perfect low light camera to film cinematic quality videos with.

What resolution does the eyemore S1 film in?
The eyemore S1 films in 1920x1080p/30fps. Its other fps rates are: 24FPS, 25FPS, and 29.97FPS.

Does it work with android?
No, eyemore is an iPhone exclusive camera.

What app does eyemore connect with?
The eyemore connects with the eyemore app found in the Apple store.

Why is up to 400,000 ISO good?

The high ISO allows you to capture noise-free, and full color images under almost any light. Meaning you can film under very low or high light without losing out on picture quality.

What lenses can I attach to eyemore?
You can attach Olympus and Panasonic lenses right away thanks to the M4/3 Mount that comes with the eyemore, and with additional adapter rings (purchased separately) you can attach any lens you’d like.

Where does eyemore save video files?
The eyemore saves its video files directly to your phone.

Why does eyemore have a fan? Will it make noise?
The fan reduces the heat the camera generates. And it does make some noise. If there’s high requirement of sound, please use external microphone to record.

Does camera shoot in raw?
No. The eyemore S1 does not shoot RAW. It is for internet videos, targeting amateurs and small studios. Our next generation camera will support raw files.

What frame rate does it shoot at?

The versions for crowdfunding are 25FPS, 30FPS, 50FPS, and 60FPS

Where can I get replacement parts for eyemore?

The eyemore arrives with a warranty. Except for the lens, adapter ring, and holders, you can contact the factory or post-campaign service for repair. We will have a post-campaign service set up very soon.

Does it record sound or does it need an external mic to record?
There’s an integrated mic. And you can also connect to other mics via the 3.5MM audio in jack.

What formats of video can eyemore export?
The eyemore exports mp4 files.

Can I film with another app?

How can I contact you directly?

You can email us at for any after sale questions you may have regarding eyemore S1.



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